Reactions to their catchy track 'Tonight' featuring Krista Richards

Posted: 9th June 2011

AstroShift have been leaving a mark with their latest release, ‘Tonight’ featuring Krista Richards. With strong vocals that you can't help but sing along with, Tonight is certainly one to keep an eye on this summer. It comes courtesy of Stoney Boy Music, the label behind the infamous StoneBridge and with remixes from S69 and StoneBridge himself included in the current release, it was more than enough to convince us to get it. What's more is that a second wave of remixes are due later this month.

We recently spoke with the guys about their creative process and their reactions to the release.

The House Scouts welcome AstroShift and would like to thank them for taking some time to talk to us.

THS: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? How did you form and what is your background?

Nathan: We met in a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s studio down in San Diego a few years back. We got chatting and pretty soon realized that despite coming from opposite sides of the Atlantic we had many of the same influences, so naturally it wasn’t long before we were dabbling with ideas together.

Gary: Yeah, I moved over to California from the UK several years back, and having been producing and remixing over there under various names for over ten years I was really spoiled for choice with people to work with. Nathan had been working on several projects over here for years too and was really the first person in the US that I really ‘clicked’ with.

THS: It's a great name, AstroShift. How did this come about?

Gary: Thanks, we like to think so! When you’re faced with coming up with a new alias for a project there’s several things you have to consider nowadays. So many names are already taken, and since everything’s global you’ve got to be careful that your name doesn’t mean something unfortunate in another territory.

Nathan: Another huge consideration for us was that we could easily have an identifiable web presence, so we chose some different words that meant something to us in one way or another, then bolted pairs of them together to create a new word. AstroShift really leapt out at us from the list and we both felt it had the most important element going for it - that it really suited the just felt right.

THS: On to the track! You've just released your single, 'Tonight' featuring Krista Richards. What a song. We love it here at The House Scouts. What were your first feelings about the track during and after its completion?

Nathan: ‘Tonight’ really evolved over quite some time. It had been about before, but we both felt it had never really lived up to its potential, so every now and again we’d revisit it between working on other tracks.

Gary: I think the breakthrough came when we stopped thinking of it as a remix of an older work, and treated it as a brand new track. Krista nailed a phenomenally sultry vocal performance around a fresh new arrangement and everything fell into place.

THS: Krista’s vocals on 'Tonight' are amazing. How did you meet and what led to her being featured on this track?

Gary: Krista and Nathan actually co-wrote the track originally, so it’s probably no surprise that she’s a natural fit for it. I always prefer to work with vocalists who can write where possible. You always wind up with that ‘certain something’. Krista's vocal quality is second to none.

THS: The single and remixes have been released on Stoney Boy music. What was your impression when you heard that Stonebridge was interested in the track and was going to work on a remix of it?

Nathan: Obviously we were excited that Stonebridge was into it. I think it helped show us that we’d done the right thing taking our time with this one. Once we met him and saw that he had the same passion for the song that we did, we knew we had a great fit. Then when we heard his mix it was a done deal. We're very proud to be out on Stoney Boy.

THS: 'Tonight' sailed into the house top 100 on beatport after a day of its release. We're sure it will rise up the chart in no time. Are you pleased at the response you are getting from the fans?

Gary: How could we not be?! It’s great to get that kind of validation. We do this because we love it, and there’s no better feeling that knowing other people love it too.

THS: What is the biggest event that you've played this song at? What was the reaction like?

Nathan: Krista and I were at Ruby Skye when Stonebridge played out his mix to a capacity crowd. The place went nuts. We already knew there was something about this track, and that night just further cemented the fact that everybody had to hear it!

THS: So aside from 'Tonight', who’s been on your playlist recently?

Nathan: Wow, everybody! John Dahlbäk, Paul Thomas and Manuel De La Mare are on fire right now. Michael Woods and Jerome Isma-Ae always bring it, and of course Stonebridge is a fixture.

THS: If you had to do a collaboration with another artist, who would it be?

Nathan: Producer-wise I'd have to say Kaskade. I love that big vocal sound that he gets. Vocalist? Pink is pretty high up on my list because she just rocks. For male vocals, Maxwell without a doubt. I've been a huge fan of his forever.

Gary: I’d love to work with Jocelyn Brown again sometime, she’s just incredible. For male vocals I’d have to say Roachford or making a full on house track with John Legend would rock. For a producer collaboration mine would always be Jean Michel Jarre.

THS: Are there any new releases in the pipeline?

Gary: Absolutely! We have so many ideas and so many different things on the go, I can’t tell you what’ll be finished first.

Nathan: We’re still working on a few things with Krista too, so perhaps she’ll feature again...but her phone’s ringing pretty hot just about now!

THS: Any final words for the fans?

Gary: Simply, thanks! Thanks for buying, playing, and dancing to ‘Tonight’.

Nathan: Yes, thank you! Your support means everything to us. We have no reason to do this without you guys.

A huge thanks once again to AstroShift for taking some time to answer these questions. We'll be keeping a close eye on that beatport chart and we can't wait to hear their next release.

Listen to Tonight (Original Mix).
Listen to Tonight (StoneBridge Mix).
Listen to Tonight (S69 Mix).

You can buy 'Tonight' along with the remixes here on Beatport.

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